As we ask our children to grow and learn, so too should we.  Continue to educate yourself, broaden your beliefs, and be open to new ideas.  Below are some classics of the Suzuki literature, as well as education/parenting books that I've enjoyed reading.  I would love to hear your own favorite books on the topic of music, parenting, and music-parenting! 


Required Reading:

Shinichi Suzuki, Nurtured by Love:  The Classic Approach to Talent Education

Edmund Sprunger, Helping Parents Practice:  Ideas for Making it Easier

Additional Reading:

Louis Behrend, The Suzuki Approach

Cynthia V. Richards, How to Get Your Child to Practice....Without Resorting to Violence!!!

William and Constance Starr, To Learn with Love: A Companion for Suzuki Parents

Shinichi Suzuki, Ability Development from Age Zero


Anat Baniel, Kids Beyond Limits:  Breakthrough results for children with autism, Asperger's, brain damage, ADHD, and undiagnosed developmental delays 

Christopher Willard, PsyD, Growing Up Mindful: Essential practices to help children, teens and families find balance, calm, and resilience 

John Holt,  How Children Learn